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  2. WTS chars/boost/dp/sets+10/weapon 10+/talismans of baium and other, for more information write me. Thanks!
  3. Oh yeah apologies .. lol 🥺 Hey everyone .. HMU.
  4. oKTo Heavans Warriors Family Server: Staris 3.3 Mill Ghost Sentinal Focus.... PVP/ Fort / Castle
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  6. WTS ON TALKING ISLAND NA CLASSIC: STOCK: 200kk ADENA: 1 kk = 0,50 US$ FAST DELIVERY For more info contact skype: carlosotavio777 PAYMENT: " paypal "
  7. Hello all, The following are for sale, msg me here with your offer or add me on skype (Alha) . Paypal only, thanks. NOBLESSE Sagitarius 79 SUB DESTRO 76 Talum Hvy, HD + FOCUS (enchants in storage), SUB Necro 60+ Am, dc robe AND HUGE STOCK OF MATERIALS IN WH SPOPILER 74 AND HUGE STOCK OF MATERIALS IN WH BD 75 PP 60+ SWS 66 Mats in all chemps Tateosian set and almoust a grade all
  8. Hello all, I got about 2.5kkk adena for sale pm me with offer here or add me on skype patsi131, thanks.
  9. Hello all, The following are for sale, msg me here with your offer or add me on skype (patsi131). Paypal only, thanks. NOBLESSE NECRO 80 SUB DESTRO 76 DC, TT, AM ACU +3(PASSIVE LV5 EMPOWER AUGMENT),TLM HV, IPOS FOCUS +3, BIG STOCK OF MATERIALS, LS, ENCHANTS IN WH NOBLESSE EE 80 SUB WARCRYER 76 MJ ROBE, TT. WT ACU SPOPILER 74 WITH LV6 CLAN AND HUGE STOCK OF MATERIALS AND VARIOUS B-A DROPS IN WH BD 78 PP 78 - SOLD SWS 64 DESTRO 72
  10. WTS Coins (COL) 0.50e each, server is selling them for 1e each, atm 1 coin costs 17m adena in game.So it's 1e = 34m adena.Find me on skype Soil231 or message me here, using only paypal.
  11. WTS Eminence Bow +16 + Othel 10 Price - 230$ PayPal Contact : live:c63839a26a1229ce
  12. Adena price : 25$ / 100kk Stock : 2,3 kkk. PayPal. Contact me on skype : live:c63839a26a1229ce
  13. WTS : Sagitarius - LvL 77 (Bracelet of duty LvL 5) Prophet - LvL 73 Bladedancer - LvL 66 Spoiler - LvL 60 All accounts have own emails , and B grade set / weapons / jewels Using PayPal Contact on skype : live:c63839a26a1229ce
  14. Sell Item And Adena on Innova Core: 22b Adena left - 5 eu 1b, Ulti Robe Set +10 - 400 Eur, PVP Retri 2 Sa +10 300 - 80 Eur, Longing Tali 25 Eur. live:.cid.8478f03dda6d3e68 skype Or pm here on forum. SCAMMERS DON'T EVEN TRY, NO EUROS IN MY PAYPAL, NO ITEMS FOR YOU!!!
  15. L2Market has been updated successfully to 4.4.5 Invision Community .
  16. Dragonic set , archer lvl77 saggi sub destro , COVer , PP 63 lvl, Bd lvl 67, archer 67 pr all together only 100 euros PayPal accepted! (Plus many matches and inventory’s not empty) thank you
  17. WTS DC + 6. I will make a big discount for you! I ACCEPT PAYPAL, PAYEER, BANK TRANSFER & WESTERN UNION !!! My Skype: live: a5198a9dbc7fc18a
  18. I would like to attend everyone but the fact is this service is for people who speak spanish. ___________________ Ofrezco servicios en: Creación de Quest personalizadas (Cliente - Servidor) [Se usarán los NPC que tenga el cliente] Adaptación de códigos https://youtu.be/idpmxbXvQVQ Creación de códigos https://youtu.be/idpmxbXvQVQ Arreglo de códigos https://youtu.be/idpmxbXvQVQ Asistencia personalizada en el servidor Explicación para principantes (Asesorias) del datapack Creación de repositorio SVN privado Explicación de porqué usar repositorio SVN Asesoría para montar tu servidor usando LINUX [Local o producción] DISEÑO de tu página web para PC y móviles (En móviles da la impresión de ser una APP) Si quieres ver un ejemplo entra desde tu móvil a: https://goo.gl/FSGbBn Foro para tu servidor Lineage 2. Ejemplo: https://goo.gl/5ioxev Creación de icono, imagen o botón para Interlude. Se requiere la imagen en formato PNG,JPG,BMP...etc. Configurar actualizador para el cliente Lineage 2 (L2Updater) Instalación de SmartGuard (https://smart-guard.eu/en/purchase) a servidores L2j (Ya debe tener la licencia comprada) Asignación optima de memoria RAM para el correcto funcionamiento de servidor Lineage 2 Instalación de fondos animados para sitio web. (Se necesita logo en formato PNG del servidor)NUEVO Entre otros.Métodos de Pago: Paypal Visa Mastercard Discover Citar Sitio WEB (CLIC AQUI) Citar Antes de solicitar el servicio toma esto en cuenta:- Si desea alta calidad a buen precio, debe dar más tiempo.- Si desea alta calidad en poco tiempo, debe pagar un precio mayor.- Si desea buen precio en poco tiempo, debe sacrificar la calidad.
  19. Hierophant (Prophet) Cloak Lion Fury 3rd Class skill ( Profecy of Fire) Magic Tablets Scrolls xp 100,70,50,30% / 50+ from each one Blue Wolf Robe Set B Grade Jewels Set [ Own email of character, (Gmail Clean of Informatios) you'll have it, after you buy you can put all your infos there, and change char to your own email later if you want.]
  20. Selling files server H5 l2j More info im my Skype :managerl2khadia Thanks.
  21. Wts files h5 l2j server. More info add Skype. Managerl2khadia.
  22. *PROMOKING* PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FAQ: Why chose *PROMOKING* advertising services? - Because WE offer the most professional services at reasonable prices. And because we have vast experience with online marketing and lineage 2 community. - We can also give you guidance and advices about your server if needed. Do you really post and advertise how can we know if this is real? -After each purchased service, once the task is completed you will be offered proof in either video format, link format or picture format where you can review the job completed. ADVERTISING SERVICES & PRICES: All prices can be found as well as more information on our website: https://promoking.org Delivery time 24 hours, multiple purchases are possible for multiple days. Discounts on purchases over 100 euros - 10%. Contacts details: You can contact us via messages on l2market or on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/l2promoking Terms of services (TOS): -I have a strict policy of customer is always right. You have the right to change the content any time you want. You get the right to keep all intellectual property we create as your own property. For full TOS visit this page: TOS (Videos,pictures,texts) -Payments are PayPal only. And strictly up front. -Discounts are possible only on purchasing services in the value of 100 euros or greater. Some of the servers we have worked for recently (List will be updated): -L2 Wonderlust , -L2 Crysis , -L2 Bezaleel , -Project LIPO , -L2PVP world, -L2 Reality , -L2 Cosmos , -L2 Mythras , -L2 OVC, -L2 Rise of Devil , -L2Raptor , -L2Liberation, -L2Gytheon, -L2Redmoon, -Novaworld , -L2Gr, -L2Ar, -L2Flector, -L2Criminal, -L2Hell, -L2Destan
  23. Wts on la2dream cols,items,chars. Skype me Maico7601
  24. WTS cashout on Skelth: 0,47 Eur/kk (Adena from sold items, not a reseller) SKYPE: live:thewickedsick_2 Or JOIN skype via this link : https://join.skype.com/invite/iXcv3IW07zbp
  25. WTS EMI +15 in classic club 3x talking island pm
  26. L2Market.com has been successfully upgrade to 4.4.3 latest version !
  27. sale of ES 79lvl (149€) and Spoiler 79 lvl (149€)
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