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  2. aden marketplace, what server? seriosly?
  3. have baium offer me. I dont show in game/Only middleman service.
  4. AM+Acumen x 2 pcs Epics - Baium/AQ Draco set x2 pcs Adena Items that worth adena
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  6. I want to buy adena on giran, do you have?
  7. Hello as in topic, I have almost completed Gladi on L2Era. Short information: Vesper duals +7 300 attr Found(Destruction +pvp p.atk) Vesper Heavy Set +6 lvl 7 attr (+120 all) Vorpal Jevels set +4 and Neckl Tezza +4, 3/3 Certs, Skills +15 and some adena +-2-3kkk for some trades 4 U 🙂 For more information contant me here // via Email: iamlola1234@gmail.com // via Skype: Morphv531
  8. Wts Necro 78lvl/Vip 5 14.000 Points/Bo set /Zaken cloak/ TOI 3/ Bauim doll 7 days / Rare accessory jwl 30 days/ Dyes /Adnvanced Transformation Red Archer/Talisman bracelet lv2/Bracelet of duty lv2/ 1x dandy ball 4x Xp/sp hourglass 90x Cakes 20x dragon scrolls 15x sayas buffs 10x chest fish box x5 Golden fruit and 5800silver coins . 70€ negotiable char can go to 79-80lvl but price will change . Account has and a 66lvl destro too. Elem Sum 80lvl full skills/ VIP 6 24.000 Points/Bw light set/Bo set/ Aden Talism +5 (1 Aden +0 and three scrolls at ware)/4x Damaged Baium ring/5900 Silver coins/Water Star 2 lv7 all other attri stars at 1 lv 8-10/2x Dandy balls ,1x Xp/sp Hourglass ,28x Regular xp scrolls(30%), 3x High grade scroll (100%) ,2x Mid grade scroll (50%), 89x Cakes (30%) ,7x Golden Fruit ,84x Special fruit/ 32 x Sayas buffs / 46x Dragon scrolls/ 600 shoulshot tickets/ 7x Melody buffs/ 20.000 beast ss/60.000 bsss/8000 Spirit Ore 120€ negotiable
  9. Hey guys! I'm selling items (BestA weapons / Zaken / Core / Orfen / A sets / Cloth Pieces). Good price with bonuses! For sure i'm selling ADENA too, big amounts with better price: 1-50m = 0.4$ 50-100m = 0.37$ 100m+ depends of stock. Accept btc / paypal(only friend method) / webmoney. For detailed info pm me on skype : A11_4U (icon with buisness cat) or discrod A114U#9013
  10. AM acumen available Saint Spear Haste sold Draco Set sold HD focus sold Adena Available Coins Sold pm me for more info or write on skype saranac.konjko
  11. WTS ADENA PM SKYPE: gtleogtleo
  12. Do you still selling adena on talking island? https://l2stock.com/buy/buy-talking-island
  13. I've sended you PM, answer if you are interested https://l2stock.com/buy/buy-giran
  15. I can sell Adena on Naia if you are still interested. PM me
  16. If you want to still sell them i can buy through https://l2stock.com/buy/buy-chronos
  17. Is your offer with this accoun still up? https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2-classic/accounts
  18. Check also https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2-classic/adena if you are looking lineage 2 classic adena
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