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  1. Added Essence Red/Blue Server Boards Essence‎ Blue Marketplace Essence‎ Red Marketplace
  2. L2Market has been updated successfully to Invision Community .
  3. L2Market has been updated successfully to 4.4.5 Invision Community .
  4. L2Market.com has been successfully upgrade to 4.4.3 latest version !
  5. Update 07 March 2019 . If you are still interested please let us know. Thank you!
  6. Now you can advertise our forum on any official Lineage 2 Server and you can win free Premium Membership. The only thing you have to do is to share with us plenty screenshots of announcements of the servers you shout! (preferable on crowded places such as giran etc..)
  7. Welcome Thanks! Enjoy your stay ..!
  8. Welcome to our forum! Please make topic for each server Check our Forum Rules here:
  9. For now normal members can only upload normal images not animated! This may change later.
  10. If you are coming from MaxCheaters.com you will get special badges and membergroups... which we will announce very soon! stay tuned
  11. Forum Rules 1: Spamming is not allowed One word replies, multiple posting, post hunting is not allowed. Bumping is allowed only in marketplace one time per day (24hours). Posting in someone else's thread, where last reply is 6 months before (1 month for request topics) is not allowed. Avoid posting "Wrong Section" and "Request for lock" etc. just report them 2: Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting,racism, drama, threatening others, talking about police , goverment , lawyers etc, are not allowed at all. (Continuous bad behavior EVEN at PMs/Profile Comments/Spam section are not allowed ,punishable by Moderators ONLY) 3: Sexual, porno, gore content, insulting, warez,religion contents are not allowed It will lead to an instant removal of your post/topic/display name (avoid symbols) and will be punished. There is a special section for VIPs only for warez. 4: Advertising rules You can't advertise other websites, unless you are allowed by administration. 5: No other languages except English Dont use other languages except english. 6: Botnets,Flooders,Booters and any kind of those tools are NOT ALLOWED in here! DDoSing is a global crime and its punishable. L2Market will keep its legal stance by dissalowing these kind of tools. You are not even going to get warned for such situation. 7: Disrespecting our staff will not be tolerated. They spend lots of time and effort to make the forum better. Give them the respect they deserve.If you find them abusing their privileges though, you can report them to administrator. 8: Stolen and Shared Premium accounts will be banned . All members must have only one account here.Multiple accounts will be banned including the main one. 9: You are not allowed to post in public Personal Informations (eg pictures from other members etc) and Personal Messages.Staffers cannot judge someone from PM's with some exceptions. 10: Always get a valid reason for giving feedback. When there are no valid feedback reasons, it will be deleted you will be warned.3: Dont abuse your feedback privs. If you do it mods are free to punish you. We reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. Our forum rules may change without any warning so check atleast once per month this topic! Remember , If you dont like our forum, or our rules, or our staffers you should leave now.
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