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  1. I'm offering L2J services, you can contact with me if you want something you have in mind or ask me anything. I'm working only for Interlude (Java, Database, HTML, Client). But i can offer services also for other client with remote on your PC. Contact: Discord : StinkyMadness#6783 Skype : StinkyMadness11 Payment Methods: Paypal Here its one lise with ready add-ons for Interlude and prices: - Augment System : Preview (Price : 20€) Note : You can add any augment skill on any level. - Skill Enchant System : Preview (Price : 20€) Note : Codex Mastery : On failed keep the enchant value | Codex Donate 100% success. - Achievement System : Preview (Price : 50€ 40€) Discount 20% Note : Current list have 52 different achievements with unlimited stage each Flexible to add your own achievement. - Champion Level System : Preview (Price : 20€) Note : Each time you kill an champion monster it will level up on next spawn. On the final level you can setup to spawn any Raidboss (or random from list). Other Services: Design your existing NPC's or create new from scratch.
  2. I'm offering mods for Interlude, of course they can be adapted for other client's just i have work only on interlude. You can request for your own mods/codes. Donate Augment System: 20e (Preview) Payment Methods : (Only Paypal) Skype : StinkyMadness11 "This topic will be updates and improved with new mods/codes and client edits"
  3. WTS 600 Donate Pounds (Real cost ~53euro) My Price 30 euro paypal SOLED!