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  1. Hello all, I got about 2.5kkk adena for sale pm me with offer here or add me on skype patsi131, thanks.
  2. Hello all, The following are for sale, msg me here with your offer or add me on skype (patsi131). Paypal only, thanks. NOBLESSE NECRO 80 SUB DESTRO 76 DC, TT, AM ACU +3(PASSIVE LV5 EMPOWER AUGMENT),TLM HV, IPOS FOCUS +3, BIG STOCK OF MATERIALS, LS, ENCHANTS IN WH NOBLESSE EE 80 SUB WARCRYER 76 MJ ROBE, TT. WT ACU SPOPILER 74 WITH LV6 CLAN AND HUGE STOCK OF MATERIALS AND VARIOUS B-A DROPS IN WH BD 78 PP 78 - SOLD SWS 64 DESTRO 72