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  1. Wts Necro 78lvl/Vip 5 14.000 Points/Bo set /Zaken cloak/ TOI 3/ Bauim doll 7 days / Rare accessory jwl 30 days/ Dyes /Adnvanced Transformation Red Archer/Talisman bracelet lv2/Bracelet of duty lv2/ 1x dandy ball 4x Xp/sp hourglass 90x Cakes 20x dragon scrolls 15x sayas buffs 10x chest fish box x5 Golden fruit and 5800silver coins . 70€ negotiable char can go to 79-80lvl but price will change . Account has and a 66lvl destro too. Elem Sum 80lvl full skills/ VIP 6 24.000 Points/Bw light set/Bo set/ Aden Talism +5 (1 Aden +0 and three scrolls at ware)/4x Damaged Baium ring/5900 Silver coins/Water Star 2 lv7 all other attri stars at 1 lv 8-10/2x Dandy balls ,1x Xp/sp Hourglass ,28x Regular xp scrolls(30%), 3x High grade scroll (100%) ,2x Mid grade scroll (50%), 89x Cakes (30%) ,7x Golden Fruit ,84x Special fruit/ 32 x Sayas buffs / 46x Dragon scrolls/ 600 shoulshot tickets/ 7x Melody buffs/ 20.000 beast ss/60.000 bsss/8000 Spirit Ore 120€ negotiable