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  1. Hello everyone,we sell our server files ,if anyone intrested send me a pm here or Skype . What we offer: Server Pack,Sources,Latest Backup,Latest Patch. Client: Interlude Few words about our project: Files are stable,real online while the server open was about 200-250 players Add me on Skype: L2Marron-Administrator for Test Server and price! All Infos here Server Rates Xp : 1200x Sp : 1200x Drop : 10x RB Drop : 1x Adena : 15x Weapon - Armor - Jewelry Normal Enchant Max : +25 Safe Enchant : +7 Scrolls of Enchantment Normal Enchant Weapon : 65% Blessed Enchant Weapon : 90% till +20 Crystal Enchant Weapon : 80% from +20 to +25 Normal Enchant Armor : 65% Blessed Enchant Armor : 90% till +20 Crystal Enchant Armor : 80% from +20 to +25 You can enchant with normal Scroll to +25 (No Restriction) Lifestone Rates High Grade Lifestone : 10% Top Grade Lifestone : 15% You can have 1 Active OR 1 Passive Skill. Custom Items Custom Armors : Titanium - Dark Knight - Dynasty Custom Weapons : L2Gold - Dynasty Custom Accesories +100 pDef mDef Tattoo's Mage/Fighter 2 Custom Masks Commands .online .register .leave .menu General Features Maximum 2 Clans in alliance Login Bonus Rewards Clan Check In Reward Auto loot Buff slots 48 Subclass & Class Change Free All Sieges working l2off like Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Max subclasses 3 Augments 1+1 NEW Economy System Weekend zone with boosted drops Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions) Unique Gameplay Chaotic Zones and No Chaotic Zones And Many more features! Olympiad Information Olympiad period 7 Days(1 week) Heroes will be given automatically at 12:00 UTC +3 on every Monday. Olympiads arenas retail like. Upon selecting 5 Buffs before match starts on the Arena manager (To make dd classes and some other classes more fair to play olympiads) After every fight, a panel with information about the match and the participants is displayed to both the winner and the loser: - Class-based games are disabled to avoid feeding. - The rankings update every 5 minutes when the Olympiad runs (the manager announces it every time they update). - The games are announced by the manager before they begin. - Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they will be modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted. - The class balance in olympiad is untouched to ensure retail battles. The Olympiad begins every day at 19:00 and ends at 1:00 AM (GMT+3) Custom NPCs - GM Shop - Buffer - Gatekeeper - Augmenter - Skill Enchanter - Clan Manager - Boss Manager - Account Manager - Warehouse Keeper - Symbol Maker - Wedding Manager - Castle Manager - Class Master - Rank Manager - Vote Manager - Server Info Events Team VS Team Deathmatch Simon Says Capture the Flag 3vs3 and 9vs9 Tournament Events