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Found 3 results

  1. Forum Rules 1: Spamming is not allowed One word replies, multiple posting, post hunting is not allowed. Bumping is allowed only in marketplace one time per day (24hours). Posting in someone else's thread, where last reply is 6 months before (1 month for request topics) is not allowed. Avoid posting "Wrong Section" and "Request for lock" etc. just report them 2: Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting,racism, drama, threatening others, talking about police , goverment , lawyers etc, are not allowed at all. (Continuous bad behavior EVEN at PMs/Profile Comments/Spam section are not allowed ,punishable by Moderators ONLY) 3: Sexual, porno, gore content, insulting, warez,religion contents are not allowed It will lead to an instant removal of your post/topic/display name (avoid symbols) and will be punished. There is a special section for VIPs only for warez. 4: Advertising rules You can't advertise other websites, unless you are allowed by administration. 5: No other languages except English Dont use other languages except english. 6: Botnets,Flooders,Booters and any kind of those tools are NOT ALLOWED in here! DDoSing is a global crime and its punishable. L2Market will keep its legal stance by dissalowing these kind of tools. You are not even going to get warned for such situation. 7: Disrespecting our staff will not be tolerated. They spend lots of time and effort to make the forum better. Give them the respect they deserve.If you find them abusing their privileges though, you can report them to administrator. 8: Stolen and Shared Premium accounts will be banned . All members must have only one account here.Multiple accounts will be banned including the main one. 9: You are not allowed to post in public Personal Informations (eg pictures from other members etc) and Personal Messages.Staffers cannot judge someone from PM's with some exceptions. 10: Always get a valid reason for giving feedback. When there are no valid feedback reasons, it will be deleted you will be warned.3: Dont abuse your feedback privs. If you do it mods are free to punish you. We reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. Our forum rules may change without any warning so check atleast once per month this topic! Remember , If you dont like our forum, or our rules, or our staffers you should leave now.
  2. In this section all members can be a part of this community by reporting all abusing,spamming and illegal activity in L2Market.com. The only think you have to do is to make a topic and report us with information about illegal activities in forum. A Moderator then will take all the necessary measurements and then lock the topic you made. A LOCKED TOPIC MEANS THAT A MODERATOR FIXED YOUR REQUEST. In this section you can report: - Feedback Abusing - Spamming, flaming - Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts - Offensive posts - Posts or links to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive - Illegal Advertisements - Posts that need our attention (like hiding useful posts) - A problem that you don't like in forum. To avoid topics with the same subject, please use the user name which you want to report in your title.
  3. L2Market Rules - How to Buy/Sell Dont forget to follow these rules in order to buy , trade , or sell anything in this forum .Please notice that these rules might change at anytime. If you are selling and buying at the same time you need to make 2 different topics , one for selling and one for buying. if you are offering services for 2 or more servers, you need to make topic for each server saperately. If you are selling an account OR items (in the same account) you can make 2 different topics for WTS ACCOUNT and WTS ITEMS. If you are selling an account + items (in the same account) you can make 1 topic only with title WTS ACCOUNT. If you are looking for a webdesigner OR a website template you can make 2 different topics with titles LF WEBDESIGNER and WTB If you are selling OR trading at the same time you need to make 2 different topics with titles WTS and WTT After you finish buying or selling please request to lock topic. If you remain out of stock on any of the items you sell , dont forget to update your topic. You can set a fixed price, make offer, or bidding at your topics. Bidding is done via replying with a price. Board Information 1. Marketplace [Accounts] In this board you can buy / trade / sell ONLY accounts , and accounts including items (for private servers only) .If you are selling items sapperately make one more topic at Marketplace [Adenas & Items] Topic Title: [Server Name] Information about what you sell or buying 2. Marketplace [Adenas & Items] In this board you can buy / trade / sell ONLY items and adenas (for private servers only) Topic Title: [Server Name] Information about what you sell or buying 3. Marketplace [Developers & GMs] In this board you can Offer or Request Developer , Web designer, GFX editor , and Game Master for your project. (for private servers only) Topic Title: [Developer/Designer/GM/Other] Information about what you are looking or offering 4. Marketplace [Powerleveling] In this board you can Offer or Request Powerleveling ONLY for private servers. IF you need for official servers use the correct boards. Topic Title: [Server Name] Information about what you need or offer 5. L2 Server Packs In this board you can buy / trade / sell L2 Server Packs based on Java or any other platform. Topic Title: [L2OFF/L2J] Title and information about your pack 6. L2 Website Templates In this board you can buy / trade / sell Websites, Templates, PSDs related ONLY for lineage 2 . Topic Title: [Platform/HTML/Board etc] information about what you sell or byuing 7. L2 Client Files & Scripts In this board you can buy / trade / sell client side files , including scripts, bots, custom items, shops , costumes and more for Lineage 2 ONLY. Topic Title: [File/Script/etc] information about what you sell or byuing