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Found 2 results

  1. *PROMOKING* PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FAQ: Why chose *PROMOKING* advertising services? - Because WE offer the most professional services at reasonable prices. And because we have vast experience with online marketing and lineage 2 community. - We can also give you guidance and advices about your server if needed. Do you really post and advertise how can we know if this is real? -After each purchased service, once the task is completed you will be offered proof in either video format, link format or picture format where you can review the job completed. ADVERTISING SERVICES & PRICES: All prices can be found as well as more information on our website: https://promoking.org Delivery time 24 hours, multiple purchases are possible for multiple days. Discounts on purchases over 100 euros - 10%. Contacts details: You can contact us via messages on l2market or on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/l2promoking Terms of services (TOS): -I have a strict policy of customer is always right. You have the right to change the content any time you want. You get the right to keep all intellectual property we create as your own property. For full TOS visit this page: TOS (Videos,pictures,texts) -Payments are PayPal only. And strictly up front. -Discounts are possible only on purchasing services in the value of 100 euros or greater. Some of the servers we have worked for recently (List will be updated): -L2 Wonderlust , -L2 Crysis , -L2 Bezaleel , -Project LIPO , -L2PVP world, -L2 Reality , -L2 Cosmos , -L2 Mythras , -L2 OVC, -L2 Rise of Devil , -L2Raptor , -L2Liberation, -L2Gytheon, -L2Redmoon, -Novaworld , -L2Gr, -L2Ar, -L2Flector, -L2Criminal, -L2Hell, -L2Destan
  2. Hello as you are reading this topic i am sure you are looking for someone to help you grow up your server. Someone that offer good services and good prices. I am here to present to everyone what i offer! Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Facebook Advertisement services. a): Owner of Lineage 2 Facebook groups with over 3k+ Members and pretty much active. b): Facebook sponsored advertise included in our services. c): Beside our groups we will post your server everywhere people speak about Lineage 2. (English, Brasilian , Russian) d):Your server will be everywhere on Facebook. (Pages , Groups , Comments , Inbox) Lineage 2 Forums. a): We will post your server on every possible Lineage 2 Forum that is knowed. (10+ L2 Forums) b): We will maintain your topics and will bump them daily. Skype/Facebook/E-mail Contacts. a): Based on what chronicle your server is we will provide you with contacts of Clan Leaders , Party leaders and Factor players. b): Spam groups for Skype and Facebook. c): If you are looking to create your server logo or different desing you can allways ask and we will provide you with contacts. Promo/Trailer videos for your server. (New) a): Our newest service is creating , designing Trailer's/Promo's on any length and format you prefer. VK (Comming soon) Some of our creations. P.S: This are just for preview text and images will be chosen as you want. First promo: Second promo: Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Feel free to ask any kind of questions :) Server we worked with: L2Saga L2Reality L2Alendria L2TheGame (High Five) L2Infinity L2Elixir Project Lipo L2BattleRoyale L2OvC L2Endeavor TheBattle.club L2Gxzone (Alynna x7) L2Mercury L2Gytheon L2DAMAGE List will be updated after every work. Thanks for your time and best regards :)