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WTS Panel OFF/services and templates

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Sale Panel L2OFF € 120.00

  • Updates € 20.00

Service PANEL updated and integration with template PSD chosen by customer € 120.00 plus value of template. for add template or build with PSD in hand of   third € 200.00.

Time for 7 days one week for delivery, if I exceed time, I make a discount of 10%. For initialize services is necessary of 30% input signal of 100%.


Template PSD value € 80.00,€ 35.00.

Descriptions and infos!



Screens PANEL




Multiple languages PANEL!

Statistic when create account at week!

Disable pages!

Announce server!

Changes password,nick,name,email and unlock character!

Donate item, transfer for id character

Payment: Paypal AND Pagseguro->TRANSACTION to BRL; suggestion others pm me.

ProtectionXSS, CSRF, Session Hijacking, Protection URL Ajax, Anti Injection, Space empty trim, Html strip_tags,Bar inverted AND  recaptcha

Pags Functionalities

Menu: Statistic create account day of week AND Announce server

Gallery: Post in, gallery, Upload AND  Delete Amount

News: Post in news, Delete AND  Amount

Live: Register link channel live with image, Upload, Delete, Amount

Register item in shop: Name Item, DataTime, Item Id, Price quantity, Bonus quantity, Upload, Delete AND  Amount
Cart donate: Info acepts rules, Info icon, Info item, Info price, Info bonus, Info amount, Info total, Select amount AND Send to create order order
Order: Info icon, Info Name, Info amount, Info total, Select type paymant AND  Delete Amount Orders
Donated: Info Adm name AND   id, Info Icon, Info Quantity Total, Input quantity to transfer Id AND   Check character for id
Register: Acepts rules, Prefix, Password, Email check exist, Captcha
Login: Enter with email or username, Captcha


  1. Framework codeigniter 3.1.10 version
  2. Booststrap v4.1.3 version
  3. Sass


Work in linux ubuntu and windows


Topic in constant changes!

Suggestion, question, report send email or PM me

Contact vipcriativo.web@gmail.com or PM me for others contact.

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