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WTS L2J Sunrise - Professional Advanced High Five Emulator [4 Years Online]

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Have you ever wanted to build your own lineage2 private server? If yes, l2jsunrise is the way to achieve it easily and without knowledge.

First of all, what is l2jsunrise? Its a project founded by NeverMore & vGodfather 5 years ago which develops high quality H5 server files.

If you are really into lineage2 industry the past few years, then for sure you might have heard of l2jsunrise or you might have played on a server based on l2jsunrise files.


There are many similar server files on the internet, however with a few simple facts i will help you understand why you should choose l2jsunrise:


[★] You will find countless ready to be used features that can be enabled/disabled and configured by configs.

[★] Hundreds of problems and bugs has been fixed over the last years under users reports.

[★] Source access on the lowest price you will ever find on the marketplace.

[★] Video and well written tutorials of how to control several issues/features or how to install your emulator.

[★] Daily support throught our well structured private forum.

[★] Regular updates either for fixes or reworks for stability issues.

[★] You will get some discount coupons for s-guard (client side protection) and sovahost (cheap and reliable hosting solutions).

[★] Geodata files included on all available plans


Here's some useful links regarding our project
Features ➥ https://goo.gl/qEY36Z
Ingame Preview ➥ https://goo.gl/KrEgEd
Test Server ➥ https://goo.gl/2DmwhB
Testimonials ➥ https://goo.gl/pWeWca
OFFICIAL PROJECTS WEBSITE ➥ https://www.l2jsunrise.com




Please be sure that you obtained sunrise files from the official provider. Contact us only via our in-built contact form, facebook or through skype l2jsunrise. Fake sunrise files may be offered on the marketplace for lower prices, but keep in mind that there might include backdoors, you will not have lifetime sunrise support, and last but not least if we found out that you are using a non registered SVN, account will be deleted and you will lose everything you paid for. In case you found a reseller of sunrise please report it at l2jsunrise@gmail.com and benefit from it.

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